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Intro By Linda Paine, Information From County Election Observer Panel Plans

Californians – look at how many of our counties have not submitted their legally required County Election Observer Panel Plan, which sets up guidelines for citizen observation of voting. It would appear that these counties have opened the door to voter fraud because they are unwilling to submit a plan to show they are doing something to prevent it. The potential for California to be impacted by voter fraud grows with every county that is unwilling to take the steps to prevent it.

You may find out what your county plan is by clicking on the PDF next to your county. If there is no PDF, it is because they have not submitted a plan.

If you live in a county that has not submitted a plan, I suggest you send Observers to every polling station in your county and pay attention to what is happening. There are supposed to be attorneys at party headquarters during Election Day so that Observers can call and report fraud. Contact your local party headquarters Now and ask then who you can call if you suspect fraud.

There are rules that Observers must follow. If your county did not provide those rules, you can check the plans for other counties and see if there are common procedures used in those counties and follow those. You can also contact your party and request the rules for Observers. When you call, write down who you spoke with and indicate the results of your request.

Join Patriot Observers at a poll near you and help ensure Honest and Fair Elections!

Every county is required as a condition of approval of its voting system, to submit an Election Observer Panel Plan to the Secretary of State. Counties listed below that are not underlined have yet to submit an Election Observer Panel Plan for the November 2, 2010, Statewide General Election to the Secretary of State.

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