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By Linda Paine, Restoring Patriotism

From the motion picture Network (1976) Howard Beale, the mad prophet of the airwaves.

Just like Howard Beale in Network, Americans are Mad as Hell! With the passing of TARP in 2008 and the Stimulus Bill in 2009, people got MAD and went to the streets with signs and patriotic zeal. We told our elected officials we were mad as hell and we weren’t going to take it anymore. They didn’t care; they ignored us.

So we went home and worked hard to elect constitutional conservatives to office so that they could go to DC and protect the Constitution. Now that the election has taken place we find out that there is a huge issue of Voter Fraud! These people have no conscience. The more we learn about how much fraud is being perpetrated upon the American people, the more the anger grows. This righteous indignation is rooted in a free people’s expectation of justice and fair play. Our shock and disgust at the bold attempts to steal this election is growing.

In the past we let our anger at political corruption cause us to stay home on Election Day. We became discouraged and didn’t vote; but this year people turned out in record numbers. Even before the elections we worked hard for candidates that represent the Constitution of the United States; teams of volunteers worked to put these candidates in office; and many of us gave what little money we could to help these candidates run against incumbents with huge war chests. We believed that if we did everything right we would have our voices heard.

But that was not to be. In California we watched the returns in dumbfounded amazement as candidate after candidate went down in defeat even though polling data the day before showed these candidates should have won. Something is terribly wrong. It isn’t enough that the incumbents are stealing us blind through taxes and regulations. It isn’t enough that they vote themselves pay raises and perks while the rest of us loose our homes and our jobs. It isn’t enough that they vote in Bills that are destroying the very fabric of America while exempting themselves. But now we find that there are no safeguards in place to protect against voter fraud and protect FAIR and HONEST elections.

Well, we’ve HAD ENOUGH. We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Get up out of your chairs, but don’t go to the window and shout…we already did that. We’ve gone to the polls to vote but found mountains of fraud. If this doesn’t make us mad, nothing will. DEMAND that the elections be AUDITED. Every illegal and ineligible vote must be thrown out. Those who perpetrated the fraud must be held accountable. If we don’t stand up against this, California will lose all semblance of a representative democracy and only those willing to steal elections will have a voice in our government.

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