By Linda Paine, Restoring Patriotism

It has been said, not only by President Obama, but by those Progressives in the media, in the Justice system, and in our educational system that America is no longer a Christian nation…or that we never were one. We have sat silent for years, allowing those who do not understand faith or care about the truth in our history, to re-create our nation’s history and remove the importance that faith played in its founding. We have allowed them to indoctrinate our youth and our culture with the deception that God and faith do not belong in the in the public arena. The consequences have been disastrous.

Our Constitution protects our Freedom of Religion. Progressives have slowly and systematically transformed this critical Constitutional protection through activist judges to mean Freedom from Religion. If we are to protect the truth that America was founded on Judeo/Christian principles, then we must do what Jon McNaughton did…go to the original sources and read for ourselves. Even those in America who don’t practice a Judeo/Christian faith are protected by the First Amendment.

We must ensure that Political Correctness does not inadvertently favor one religion over another by protecting one — because they are afraid — or demeaning another because we have “turned the other cheek.” It is up to us to protect our rights and keep those in power from distorting and manipulating our political system, our American culture, our media, and our educational system.

Speak up, speak out, and restore the truth of the important role Faith plays in America.


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